Weapons are a type of equipment that can be equipped to characters in order to boost their stats. Unlike armors, characters can only have one weapon equipped at a time. Each character has a specific type of weapon that they use. D uses swords, Lina uses daggers, Mari uses guns, and Kaz uses scythes.

Weapon Skills

Kaz using a weapon skill

Each type of weapon has a special skill that can be used after the respective character has used Charge, and each time they use Charge they increase their charge level for that battle. Each weapon type has three weapon skills, and the one that is used is determined by the currently equipped weapon's level and the user's charge level. However level I weapons do not have weapon skills.

For example level I swords don't have a weapon skill, however level II swords have the weapon skill Dragon's Roar, and level III swords have the weapon skills Dragon's Roar and Dragon's Breath. So if a character with a level III sword uses Charge once then they will be able to use Dragon's Roar, then if they use Charge again then they will be able to use Dragon's Breath. If the weapon is charged more than three times, it will still stay as the third-charge attack. Weapon skills can only be used once per battle for each character. Phoebe and Reuben do not have weapon skills because their weapons cannot be upgraded.

Here is the list of Weapon Skills, by character/weapon type:

D / Swords

Name Effect Targets Weapon Tier Image Charge
n/a n/a n/a I Sword I.png 0
Dragon's Roar Sonic Shout dealing great damage on a single target Single II Sword 2.png 1
Dragon's Breath Blazing inferno attack inflicting massive damage All enemies III Sword 3.png 2
Dragon's Rage Multiple sword slashes (max 7) on a random targets Multiple (randomly selected) IV Sword 4.png 3

Lina / Daggers

Name Effect Targets Weapon Tier Image Charge
n/a n/a n/a I Dagger 1.png 0
Cursed Dagger Inflicting physical damage with a chance of poisoning and confusing all enemies All II Dagger 2.png 1
Lucky Strike Slots; dealing damage based on luck onto a single target Single III Dagger 3.png 2
Cyclone Dance Mutliple cuts (max 5) inflicting physical damage to opponents at random Multiple (randomly selected) IV Dagger 4.png 3

Mari / Guns

Name Effect Targets Weapon Tier Image Charge
n/a n/a n/a I Gun 1.png 0
Snipe Triple lock-on dealing tremendous damage onto a single target Single II Gun 2.png 1
Magic Bullet A large energy blast Inflicting a random elemental damage onto all enemies* All enemies III Gun 3.png 2
Trigger Happy target practice; consecutive dual shots (max 5) on a single target of choice Single IV Gun 4.png 3
  • Note*: may be affected by Mari's MAG stat.

Kaz / Scythes

Name Effect Targets Weapon Tier Image Charge
n/a n/a n/a I Scythe 1.png 0
Rend A deadly attack with a chance to poison a single target Single II Scythe 2.png 1
Hurricane A violent raging storm dealing damage to all enemies All enemies III Scythe 3.png 2
Death's Gate Death's Gate opens for an unfortunate fool of your choice dealing massive damage. Single IV Scythe 4.png 3

See also: Components

Items and Buffs also affect how much damage you do, so if you have Attack Up and Monocle, you will do substantially more damage.

In general, the "All enemies" attacks do a lot more total damage if there are multiple enemies than the highest Charge ability for Lina, D, and Mari (Cyclone Dance, Dragon's Rage, Trigger Happy) but if you have a single enemy such as a boss, the highest charge ability does more damage.


Tier I, II, and III weapons upgrade 10 times (max level 11), and tier IV weapons upgrade 98 times (max level 99).

Number of scrap metal to upgrade:

  • Tier I initially costs 3, increases by 1 per level. 
  • Tier II initially costs 15, increases by 2 per level. 
  • Tier III initially costs 100, increases by 5 per level.
  • Tier IV initially costs 200, increases by 10 per level.

Upgrading weapon Tier costs a specific gem:

  • To upgrade from Tier I Level 11 to Tier II Level 1, it costs one Emerald.
  • To upgrade from Tier II Level 11 to Tier III Level 1, it costs one Topaz.
  • To upgrade from Tier III Level 11 to Tier IV Level 1, it costs one Ruby.

So if you're counting how much scrap metal you need to go from Tier I Level 1 to Tier IV Level 99, that's 70,760 pieces of scrap metal (which you can also buy at Crystalia and Warm Yeti, and will amount to 7.076 million gold). For details on a weapon's speciality, check the page of the desired weapon.

Weapons Variations


For each type of weapon there are 14 different variations, making 56 weapons in total. Each type of weapon either is specialized in a certain stat or gives the character an ability.

For example, Heatblade is a sword that increases Attack more than it does other stats, and Dragonscythe is a scythe that gives its user the ability RANDOM BUFF which randomly gives a buff to a character.

Main article: List of Weapons

Sell/Dismantle Profits

Unless they are equipped, all weapons can be sold in the shop of any town (or dismantled in Alchemy in the Deluxe Version) based on its tier, while unaffected by its level and its user.

Tier Sell Profit Dismantle Profit
I 500 Gold Scrap Metal x7
II 1250 Gold Scrap Metal x37, Emerald x1
III 2500 Gold Scrap Metal x120, Topaz x1
IV 12500 Gold Scrap Metal x612, Ruby x1


  • Enemies that have special resistance to Fire-based attacks will not have their normal resistance against Dragon's Breath, despite the fire animation.
    • This is the same case for Imps in Mercenary Defense
      • The Dragon's Breath attack resembles a larger shot from a Fire Mage
  • When the door in Death's Gate is opened, a sound of a Roar from {Boars} can be heard.
  • The Lucky Strike's slot machine animation will always result in three hearts, but the damage can vary heavily. The other symbols on the slot machine include Grenades, Elemental Charms, Lina's Level 1 Daggers, Dice, and Fish.
  • Strangely, a weapon's charge level in battle will remain the same after they die and are revived! (This only works during one battle; the charge level cannot be retained by reviving out of battle)
    • This could be a potential glitch.
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