Tristam is a minor character in Crystal Story II, who was a main character in the first Crystal Story. He is also called "Old Tristam". He is the leader of Mercenary Inc.

Character Info (Crystal Story I)[edit | edit source]

As the leader of Mercenary Inc., he ensures that all customers are taken care of. He is a very polite fellow, but not very smart. Things that amuse him include things that explodesic, the color red, and spaghetti.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tristam is a young swordsman with short white hair. He wears a red sweatshirt with short orange sleeves, orange armbands, baggy pants, and sneakers. He also has a beard but if one looks closely, it's fake.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tristam's name along with the heroes from Crystal Story I, are taken from the ally characters from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.
  • Tristam is the lead character in Crystal Story I, having similar abilities and powers to D.
  • According to him, he can be called "Old Tristam" "for short".
  • *Spoiler* Though Tristam may appear old at first, he is actually surprisingly young. The beard is actually fake since a wire is concealed between the right-upper end of his beard while the other end is pointing at the middle edge of his hair.
    • This hints that the timeline of Crystal Story I moved to its sequel in only a couple years (as confirmed by Lina when she talks about the Legendary Hiro's feat from 2 years ago).
    • He is the most believable character to have aged quickly, since Tristam is normally Albino at his young age in the first game.

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