Ruby is a component which is used to upgrade Weapons to Tier IV.

  • Rubies (as well as Sapphires) can only be farmed after defeating the Dargon King.


  • A Ruby is rewarded when getting a gold medal after finishing Snowboard Track 3. 
  • The last boss of the Generic QuestGenericfillername, has a 100% drop chance on Rubies (note: boss can only be killed once).
  • You can get a Ruby at the Mercenary Defense after beating level 7 (can be done multiple times, but drop chance is only <2%).
  • Dropped by:
Monster/{Species} Rarity Mode
Giant Turtle ? Hard
Orc ? Hard
Blorc ? Hard
Rabid Wolf ? Hard
Shirtless Wolf ? Hard
Frost Chimera / Froezen ? Hard
Birdo ? Hard
{Samurai} ? Hard
{Air Golems} ? Hard
Hoofbrute ? -
Holy Cow ? -
Frog King ? Hard
Bat King ? Hard
Adorable Snowman ? Hard
Bunch ? -
Bahumot ? -
  • [unconfirmed] Assumed to drop from {Orcs} on Hard Mode;
  • [unconfirmed] Assumed to drop from {Wolves} on Hard Mode;
  • [unconfirmed] Possible drop from either Gorgon or Friendly Wisp in Zombie Cave Floor 2 on Hard Mode.
  • [unconfirmed] Possible drop from either Mummy or Dune Worm in Zombie Cave Floor 1 on Hard Mode.
  • Dropped in Wind Tower on Hard Mode (about 2-5% of clears) and in the Abyss in Hard Mode;
  • It is not possible to steal from Crab King in Hard mode.

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