Ruby is a component which is used to upgrade Weapons to Tier IV.

  • Rubies (as well as Sapphires) can only be farmed after defeating the Dargon King.

Rubies can be sold for 25000 Gold in the Shop.


  • A Ruby is rewarded when getting a gold medal after finishing Snowboard Track 3 (can only be done once). 
  • Complete the quest "Lake Trouble" (by defeating Genericusername). [Note that quests can only be completed once, and when the previous steps of the Generic Quest have been done]
  • Win Mercenary Defense Level 7 (A Ruby is rewarded the first time it is won, and then has a 1.89% chance of being rewarded for each win after the first).
  • In the Deluxe Version, a ruby is found in a chest at Flake and a chest at Desolate.
    • In the Deluxe Version, a ruby is also rewarded for completing the Quests Ancient Technology, Martin King, and Seraph.
    • Tier IV weapons can be dismantled to return a Ruby, though this is basically "returning" a ruby since one is needed to upgrade a weapon to Tier IV.
  • A Ruby can be stolen from the Frog King (21) on Hard Mode.
  • Dropped by:
Monster/{Species} Rarity Mode
Giant Turtle ? Hard
Orc ? Hard
Blorc ? Hard
Rabid Wolf ? Hard
Shirtless Wolf ? Hard
Frost Chimera / Froezen ? Hard
Birdo ? Hard
{Samurai} ? Hard
{Wind Golems} <2% Hard
Fire Spirit ? Hard
YETI ? Hard
Hoofbrute ? -
Holy Cow ? -
Frog King ? Hard
Bat King ? Hard
Mummy King ? Hard
Adorable Snowman <1% Hard
Bunch <1% -
Bahumot <1% -
  • [unconfirmed] Suspected to drop from {Orcs} on Hard Mode.
  • [unconfirmed] Suspected to drop from {Wolves} on Hard Mode.

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