The pet slime.

Pet is a feature of Crystal Story II. It allows the player to have a pet slime which they can customize and summon in battle, which deals a single attack to all enemies. It is unlocked after finishing the Double Crosser quest in Smalltown.

Pet Level

As more different pet parts are obtained, the pet slime levels up and deals more damage when summoned in battle.

Pet Level # of Parts Base Damage
1 1-10 50
2 11-15 110
3 16-20 170
4 21-25 200
5 26-30 260
6 31-35 280
7 36-40 400
8 41-45 460
9 46-50 600
10 51+ 600

The Pet's damage is unaffected by buffs/nerfs or elemental resistances, and it cannot deal a critical hit or a miss. However, its damage can be increased by Last Resort weapons.


In the Deluxe Version, the Pet Slime went off to its own adventure while the party is away or the player is off from the game. During its journey, it gifts the items it finds every one hour. Up to three items are held until the player picks them up. The possible items improve as the heroes go further in their journey. The gifts aren't preset and thus the player can reset them if desired.

  • Gold

Parts List


Name Image Location
Pet Body 0 Body 0.png (Default)
Pet Body 1 Body 1.png
Pet Body 2 Body 2.png Evil Cave (Floor 3)
Pet Body 3 Body 3.png Orange Pass
Pet Body 4 Body 4.png Great Tomb (Floor 2)
Pet Body 5 Body 5.png Spider Cave
Pet Body 6 Body 6.png Bog
Pet Body 7 Body 7.png Light Tower (Floor 2)
Pet Body 8 Body 8.png Cliffside
Pet Body 9 Body 9.png Icy Pass
Pet Body 10 Body 10.png Lao Prison (Floor 1)


Name Image Location
Pet Eyes 0 Eyes 0.png (Default)
Pet Eyes 1 Eyes 1.png
Pet Eyes 2 Eyes 2.png Orc Isle
Pet Eyes 3 Eyes 3.png Mine (Floor 2)
Pet Eyes 4 Eyes 4.png Okay Tomb (Floor 3)
Pet Eyes 5 Eyes 5.png Barrens
Pet Eyes 6 Eyes 6.png Necropolis (Floor 1)
Pet Eyes 7 Eyes 7.png Lakeside
Pet Eyes 8 Eyes 8.png Highlands
Pet Eyes 9 Eyes 9.png Snow
Pet Eyes 10 Eyes 10.png Giant Land (Floor 1)


Name Image Location
Pet Mouth 0 Mouth 0.png (Default)
Pet Mouth 1 Mouth 1.png
Pet Mouth 2 Mouth 2.png Small River
Pet Mouth 3 Mouth 3.png Desert
Pet Mouth 4 Mouth 4.png Zombie Cave (Floor 1)
Pet Mouth 5 Mouth 5.png Swamp
Pet Mouth 6 Mouth 6.png Abandoned Sewer (Floor 1)
Pet Mouth 7 Mouth 7.png Green Pass
Pet Mouth 8 Mouth 8.png Wind Tower (Floor 3)
Pet Mouth 9 Mouth 9.png Icy Cave
Pet Mouth 10 Mouth 10.png Doom Lair (Floor 2)


Name Image Location
Pet Hat 0 Hat 0.png (Default)
Pet Hat 1 Hat 1.png
Pet Hat 2 Hat 2.png Water Ruins (Floor 2)
Pet Hat 3 Hat 3.png Watch Tower (Floor 3)
Pet Hat 4 Hat 4.png Tunnel
Pet Hat 5 Hat 5.png Dead Forest
Pet Hat 6 Hat 6.png Fork River
Pet Hat 7 Hat 7.png Mountain Cave
Pet Hat 8 Hat 8.png Volcano (Floor 1)
Pet Hat 9 Hat 9.png Icy Forest
Pet Hat 10 Hat 10.png Fish


Name Image Location
Pet Accessory 0 Accessory 0.png (Default)
Pet Accessory 1 Accessory 1.png
Pet Accessory 2 Accessory 2.png Zombie Defense or Fish
Pet Accessory 3 Accessory 3.png Fish
Pet Accessory 4 Accessory 4.png Mummy Defense
Pet Accessory 5 Accessory 5.png Fish
Pet Accessory 6 Accessory 6.png Skeleton Defense
Pet Accessory 7 Accessory 7.png Fish
Pet Accessory 8 Accessory 8.png Golem Defense
Pet Accessory 9 Accessory 9.png Frost Fort (Floor 1)
Pet Accessory 10 Accessory 10.png Fish
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