Mummy King (56)
Mummy King
HP: 1700 / 14000(H)
ATK: 176 / 1764(H)
MAG: 176 / 1764(H)
SPD: 60 / 600(H)
Enemy Skill.png Wrap
Blind.png Blind
Poison.png Poison
Fire: 100%
Water: 100%
Earth: 100%
Wind: 100%
Phys: 100%
Strong Vs
Silence, Confuse, Sleep, Stun, Blind
Resist Vs
ATK Down, MAG Down, DEF Down, MDEF Down, SPD Down
210 / 4200(H)
100 / 18000(H)
Mummy King (55)
Mummy King (56)

OAH! You ruined his prohibitively expensive bandages! You're gonna pay for these!

Steals/Drops[edit | edit source]


Item Rarity Mode
Heal Potion IV ? Hard
Mana Potion I ? Normal
Mana Potion III ? Hard
Flask ? Normal
Gem Aq ? Hard
Talisman I ? Hard
Stat HP ? Hard
SP Ring ? Hard


Item Rarity Mode
Stat MP ? Hard
Stat ATK ? Hard
Flask ? Hard
Grenade(s)* ? Normal
Scrap Metal(s)* ? Normal
Wind Gem ? Hard
Start All ? Hard
Ruby ? Hard
Circlet I ? Normal

(*drops a random number of items, generally 1-5) 

Locations[edit | edit source]

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Zombie King and Mummy King are the only King/Queen Bosses that completely lose their crowns after their first form is defeated.
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