Mercenary Defense is a minigame in Crystal Story II. It is connected to Icy Pass to the north, Great Plains to the south, Lake to the east, and in the Steam Version, Rift to the West.

Area[edit | edit source]

Area 5.png
North: Icy Pass
South: Great Plains
East: Lake
West: Rift

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

There are 7 types of Mercenary units you can use. They are: Miner, Ice Mage, Guard, Fire Mage, Healer, Warrior, and Lightning Mage.





Some units need to be unlocked:

Unit Cost Upgrade Cost HP Upgraded HP HP with Coupon Bonus Upgraded HP with Coupon Bonus Damage Upgraded Damage Damage with Coupon Bonus Upgraded Damage with Coupon Bonus Bonus from
Miner 75g No upgrade 20 - - - - - - - Merc Pick
Warrior 50g 50g 75 ~180 - - 20 50 25 62 Merc Axe
Guard 75g 75g 200 ~600 ~360 900 30 70 - - Merc Shield
Fire Mage 50g 50g 20 ~50 - - 15 35 19 46 Merc Wand
Ice Mage 75g 75g 20 ~80 - - 10 25 - - Merc Sweater
Lightning Mage 150g 100g 20 ~50 - - 35 60 - - Merc Rod
Healer 50g 50g 50 ~50 - - 2 5 4 10 Merc Meds

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Damage per Attack HP Attribute(s) Reward
Earth Slime 2 75 Usually the first enemy of every level 3g (all levels except bonus level)

0g (bonus level)

Zombie 4 150 Fast movement 4g
Brownie 0 50 Weakest enemy (health and damage); may stop moving; may not follow patterns of switching lanes 25g
Bat 8 100 Fast movement; can fly over pits 5g
Skeleton Armor 8 400 Rapid attacks 6g
Skeleton Archer 5 150 Shoots fire (with the same properties as a Fire Mage) 5g
Imp 6 300 Travel in groups; fast movement 4g
Minotaur 15 450 10g
Gargantuan 5 1000 Level 1 Boss 0g
Werewolf 10 Very High Level 2 Boss
Fire Spirit 15 Level 3 Boss
Orc 5 Level 4 Boss

Shoots fire (with the same properties as a Fire Mage) in its lane & its two adjacent lanes

SASQUASH 20 Level 5 Boss
Sphynx 10 Level 6 Boss
BAO 25 Level 7 Boss

Bosses appear once per level, as the last enemy, and in the center lane. They carry 0g, and each of them have very high HP.

(The Sphynx is an exception, as 3 of them spawn and will quickly group together onto the same square.)

Items[edit | edit source]

These can be bought in the Shops of Crystalia and Warm Yeti (same price):

Item Description Cost
Merc Pick Increase the maximum amount of mercenary Miners to 5. 7000 G
Merc Axe Increase the attack damage of all mercenary Warriors. 5000 G
Merc Wand Increase the attack of all mercenary Fire Mages. 4000 G
Merc Sweater Increase the attack speed of all mercenary Ice Mages. 5000 G
Merc Shield Increase the HP of all mercenary Guard. 6000 G
Merc Meds Increase the healing of all mercenary Healers. 5000 G
Merc Rod Increase the range of all mercenary Lightning Mages. 7000 G

Note that it is possible to buy more than one of the same item, but doing so will have the same effect as buying only one item. In the player's inventory, they are sorted within "Miscellaneous", so none of the items can be sold.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Level Rewards (Flash) Rewards (Deluxe Version)
1 Miner Coupon Miner Coupon, Scrap Metal x20
2 Ice Coupon Ice Coupon, Scrap Metal x20, Topaz
3 Start SPD Start SPD, Scrap Metal x20, Amethyst
4 Booster Booster, Scrap Metal x50
5 Last Regen Last Regen, Stat ALL
Bonus Level None
6 SP Ring SP Ring, Stat ALL
7 Ruby

Level 7 can be repeated multiple times for random rewards:

Ruby / Sapphire
Elemental Charms
Elemental Gems
Start Items
Last Items
Plate I / Trinket I
Circlet I / Amulet I / Gauntlets I / Boots I
Full Armor I / Helm I / Shield I
Talisman I / Status Rings 
SP Ring, Booster, Dice, Mirror, Monocle

Of the 6 gems in the game, only Ruby or Sapphire will be awarded from this minigame. Exactly one of these possible 51 types of accessory slot equipment and these two gems will be rewarded, so the odds of getting one specific item appears to be 1 out of 53, being a probability of <1.9%.

Cut-scenes[edit | edit source]

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ironically, Imps take damage from fire mages.
  • The <Castle> music plays in the background, even while the game is paused or won.
  • A glitch allows two units to occupy the same space, when a unit is moved to a square in the back four rows where another unit can be built on that square before the other unit arrives.
  • When you win, fire from Fire Mages will hover but the flames will still flicker.
  • When upgraded, all units will move faster and have their health regenerated to full upgrade value.
  • Ice Mages and Fire Mages can only shoot again once the current projectile hits an enemy, hits a tree, or goes out of the screen.
  • Healers have a lightning animation when they heal a soldier, which happens to be the same animation as a Lightning Mage hitting an enemy.
  • The Bonus level has several differences from all other levels:
    • Only Warriors can be built.
    • Units cannot be upgraded.
    • Only Earth Slimes spawn, and can spawn on any square (including one with a warrior)
    • Earth Slimes have less health than normal. (from 41 to 60 HP)
    • They do not give gold when killed.
  • A ruby is guaranteed to be rewarded the first time Level 7 is won.
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