Mercenary Defense is a minigame in Crystal Story II. It is connected to Icy Pass to the north and Great Plains to the south.


Area 5
North: Icy Pass
South: Great Plains


There are 7 types of Mercenary units you can use. They are: Ice Mage, Guard, Fire Mage, Healer, Warrior and Lightning Mage.

Some units need to be unlocked:

  • Healer is required for level 5 and further; it is obtained by defeating Samurai King in Wanted Quest.
  • Lightning Mage is required for level 6 and further; reward from the X version of the Slime King Wanted Quest, which opens up after beating the Dargon King.
Unit HP Upgraded HP HP with Coupon Bonus Upgraded HP with Coupon Bonus Damage Upgraded Damage Damage with Coupon Bonus Upgraded Damage with Coupon Bonus Bonus from
Miner 20 - - - - - - - Merc Pick
Warrior 75 ~180 - - 20 50 25 62 Merc Axe
Guard ~360 900 30 70 - - Merc Shield
Fire Mage 20 ~50 - - 15 35 19 46 Merc Wand
Ice Mage 20 ~80 - - 10 25 - - Merc Sweater
Lightning Mage 20 ~50 - - 35 60 - - Merc Rod
Healer 50 ~50 - - 2 5 4 10 Merc Meds


These can be bought at the store:

Item Description Cost
Merc Pick Increase the maximum amount of mercenary Miners to 5. 7000 G
Merc Axe Increase the attack damage of all mercenary Warriors. 5000 G
Merc Wand Increase the attack of all mercenary Fire Mages. 4000 G
Merc Sweater Increase the attack speed of all mercenary Ice Mages. 5000 G
Merc Shield Increase the HP of all mercenary Guard. 6000 G
Merc Meds Increase the healing of all mercenary Healers. 5000 G
Merc Rod Increase the range of all mercenary Lightning Mages. 7000 G


Level 7 can be repeated multiple times for random rewards:

Ruby / Sapphire
Elemental Charms
Elemental Gems
Start Items
Last Items
Plate I / Trinket I
Circlet I / Amulet I / Gauntlets I / Boots I
Full Armor I / Helm I / Shield I
Talisman I / Status Rings 
SP Ring,Booster, Dice, Mirror, Monocle

Of the 6 gems in the game, only Ruby or Sapphire will be awarded from this minigame. The game seems to pull randomly from all the 51 types of possible accessory slot equipment and these two gems. So the odds of getting one specific item appears to be 1 out of 53, being a probability <1.9% .

Note: Altenatively, SP Ring & Dice can both be found in the Abyss as monster drops on hard mode (Dice drop Screenshot;SP Ring Drop Screenshot)