As of 1.3, bosses can be stolen from, with indication from the creator that the mechanic is pseudo-random and tied to each boss's difficulty. Because of this, and with regular revamps of the loot system, a list of regular drops from bosses may be difficult to compile. In the interim, it may be best for players to simply record what they items they stole from which bosses, and attempt to figure out from that how the internal "difficulty" modifier affects each boss's random items.

Storyline bosses never respawn (and thus have nothing to loot), and only certain Wanted (and Wanted X) bosses currently do. For a list of regular monsters and their drops, see the bestiary.

Hard Mode (Wanted X) Edit

Frog King Small River Heal Potion III Heal Potion IV
Crab King Water Ruins Heal Potion III Heal Potion IV T/A Gem
Bat King Watch Tower (Nothing) MDEF Flask
Mummy King Okay Tomb SP Ring Mana Potion III
Zombie King Zombie Cave Evade Flask (Nothing)



Spider King Abandoned Sewer XO
Skeleton King Fork River (Nothing) Aquamarine

Normal Mode (Wanted)Edit

Name Location Item Item Item Item Item
Frog King Small River Heal Potion I Evade Flask
Bat King Watch Tower

Heal Potion I 

Circlet I
Mummy King Okay Tomb Gem (E/Am)
Zombie King Zombie Cave Heal Flask I Stat Speed Regen Flask
Spider King Abandoned Sewer Def Flask Heal Potion II
Skeleton King Fork River
Queen Slime Fork Amethyst Heal Potion II Circlet I