Components[edit | edit source]

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For a full chart on steals/drops for acquisition, see Strategy: Farming.

Item Usage Acquisition Sell Profit
Scrap Metal Upgrade Armor and Weapon level Bought in Port BreezeCrystalia and Warm Yeti, various monsters. 25G
Emerald Upgrade Weapons to Tier II, craft Tier I weapons in Alchemy

Bought in CrystaliaWarm Yeti, certain monsters in normal mode.

Amethyst Upgrade Armors to Tier II Bought in CrystaliaWarm Yeti, certain monsters in normal mode.
Topaz Upgrade Weapons to Tier III, craft level I weapons in alchemy. Certain monsters. 2500G
Aquamarine Upgrade Armors to Tier III Certain monsters.
Ruby Upgrade Weapons to Tier IV
Main article: Ruby
Sapphire Upgrade Armors to Tier IV
Main article: Sapphire

Alchemy Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Main article: Alchemy
Item Enemy species for steal Enemy species for drop Inventory Description Sell Profit
Root {Seedlings}, {Thieves} {Seedlings}, {Thieves} ; {Ents}, {Scorpions} A dried poisonous root. 25G
Tear {Bugs}, {Canines}, {Hounds}, {Harpies}, Bolt (28) {Bugs}, {Canines}, {Hounds}, {Harpies}, Bolt (28) A crystalized tear from a recent fallen. 25G
Mushroom {Zombies}, {Orcs}, {Gorgons}, {Boars} {Zombies}, {Orcs}, {Gorgons}, {Boars} Do not eat! 25G
Powder {Goblins}, {Makas}, {Skeletons}, {Archer Skeletons} {Goblins}, {Makas}, {Skeletons}, {Archer Skeletons} Don't breathe this. 25G
Shell {Crabs}, {Turtles}, {Gargantuans}, {Earth Golems} {Crabs}, {Turtles}, {Gargantuans}, {Earth Golems} A hard shell from a fallen monster. 25G
Smoke {Bats}, {Wisps}, {Stalkers}, {Vultures} {Bats}, {Wisps}, {Stalkers}, {Vultures} A bottled black smoke. 25G
Slug {Slimes}, {Frogs}, {Spiderlings}, {Spiders}, {Gnolls}, {Ents} {Slimes}, {Frogs}, {Spiderlings}, {Spiders}, {Gnolls} A bottled sticky slug. 25G
Venom {Zombies}, {Gorgons}, {Spiders} {Zombies}, {Gorgons}, {Spiders} A bottled poisonous venom. 125G
Iron Shell {Gargantuans}, {Earth Golems}, {Thieves} {Gargantuans}, {Earth Golems}, {Thieves} A metallic shell that serves as a good conductor. 125G
Fur {Canines}, {Wolves}, {Sasquatches}, Birdo/Birdie {Canines}, {Wolves}, {Sasquatches}, Birdo/Birdie A furry hide from a fallen monster. 125G
Feather {Vultures}, {Chimerae}, {Harpies}, {Eagles}, Bolt (95) {Vultures}, {Chimerae}, {Harpies}, {Eagles}, Bolt (95) A very light feather. 125G
Bone {Armored Skeletons}, {Skeletons}, {Archer Skeletons} {Armored Skeletons}, {Skeletons}, {Archer Skeletons} A fractured bone. 125G
Ash {Worms}, {Hounds} {Worms}, {Hounds} A dark burnt substance. 125G
Oil {Makas}, {Scorpions}, {Samurai} {Makas}, {Scorpions}, {Samurai} A bottled oil. 125G
Refined Feather {Sphynxes} {Sphynxes} A soft glowing feather. 400G
Essence {Earth Golems}, {Djinns}, {Wind Golems}, {Elementals} {Earth Golems}, {Djinns}, {Wind Golems}, {Elementals} A pure elemental essence. 400G
Axe Handle {Minotaurs} {Minotaurs} A strong axe handle that can support a lot of weight. 400G
Blood {Wolves}, Birdo/Birdie {Wolves}, Birdo/Birdie A pure, untainted wolf blood. 400G
Broken Sword {Samurai} {Samurai} A broken sword that is still sharp. 400G
Horn {Gargantuans} {Gargantuans} A really sharp horn. 400G
Ancient Bone {Armored Skeletons} {Armored Skeletons} A sturdy bone from an ancient creature. 400G

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