Glitches are logical errors or run-time errors in programming. This means that they are possibilities not considered by the programmer, which have out-of-the-ordinary results.

These glitches have not been confirmed or addressed by the developer and the names are unofficial.

Major Glitches[edit | edit source]

Non-Percent Glitch[edit | edit source]

Consumable items which have a description that reads that they restore a percentage 'n%' of MP will not do so. Instead, it will refill 'n' MP instead of 'n' percent of MP. This glitch occurs with:

  • Elixir I
  • Elixir II
  • Elixir Brew I
  • Elixir Brew II
  • Super Fish

Kaz's Infinite Rend[edit | edit source]

When attacking large Koohii (179), Kaz's Rend may result in infinite non-damaging hits that prevent the player from playing and forcing them to quit. (His stance in his normal position will be the stance of a rend happening.)

Koohii's Interference[edit | edit source]

Sometimes there is a bug against Koohii (179) because of her big size. You cannot click your party members directly when using items, heals, revives, or buffs. To bypass this you must click the character images on the top of the screen or type the number of the character [1-4]. (For some reason this has not happened with the Dargon King (148) or (149) even though he is bigger than Koohii)

Walking Through Barriers[edit | edit source]

In levels such as Great Plains, Desert, or Floor 1 of Giant Land where the player can switch areas on the side of the screen, D can walk inside a barrier if at the right angle. He can be seen on top of it as if it wasn't there, but enemies cannot enter the barrier; instead they will be stuck at the edge trying to reach D. When D leaves, he cannot enter unless he switches areas again.

Fake Nerf Glitch[edit | edit source]

DEF and MDEF Down have no effect on either enemies or characters regardless of who casted it. The final damage will be in its normal range; however DEF and MDEF Up work perfectly fine. This glitch was fixed in the Steam version.

Disappearing Goggles Glitch[edit | edit source]

In the Steam version, if you equip and unequip Goggles III, a bug will occur which makes it impossible to equip any new armors, as well as Goggles III disappearing from your inventory. This glitch will happen 100% of the time, so never click "remove"; instead, replace it (by equipping another armor in that slot).

Negative Profit Selling[edit | edit source]

Stat items cannot be sold (since the game probably considers that they are a great bonus rewarded to you and you would instantly use them), but after you sell a group of identical items that take up one space altogether, the "selling selection" button is transferred to the next group of items, no matter this item. By selling a group of items located just before a Stat item in the inventory, you will be -by mistake- allowed to sell it, for a sell value of -1g each! Meaning you must actually pay if you want to get rid of these! This glitch can also be done with the Pet. (So this glitch is definitely useless, and it's obviously better to just use the Stat items anyway. But hey, if you got extra unwanted gold like 3G left over, you might as well get rid of it to 0 by selling the Pet.)

Trapped Enemies Bug[edit | edit source]

Since the maps and obstacles inside of them are randomly generated, there is a glitch in the Volcano and the Small River where enemies are trapped by an obstacle on one side and surrounded by lava/water on the other three sides. This allows you to get past the area without having to fight enemies, even though they can still spot you behind the barrier.

Cure Potion Glitch[edit | edit source]

Cure potions should normally be used in battle to cure afflictions, but they can be used out of battle, at the world select screen, and even at a town. As expected, using them will cause them to disappear from your inventory and you will not receive any rewards for doing so. The same outcome will happen when a Panacea is used.

Boss Re-spawn Glitch[edit | edit source]

If you kill a boss, then go down a floor, and return to the top floor again, the boss you killed will have re-spawned. This can happen with campaign bosses that can be defeated once, but cutscenes won't be watched more than once. Can be easily taken advantage of against bosses such as Fury so that you can stock up on items like RS Fury.

Poison Fake Immunity[edit | edit source]

When using casting poison on Fury, Bahumot, or Koohii, they will either be poisoned normally or the game will tell you that they are immune to poison, which is false. However, this does not happen when Lina's Cursed dagger or Kaz's Rend is used, nor when against Bunch.

Weakened Healing[edit | edit source]

Healing a character buffed with Guard or MDEF UP will result in decreased healing, because healing spells are technically magic attacks dealing negative damage. This means that:

  • A character buffed with MDEF UP will only heal 66% of the normally-healed amount.
  • A character buffed with Guard will only heal 80% of the normally-healed amount. (Only 50% if they have equipped a Guard+ weapon)
  • A character buffed with MDEF UP and Guard will only heal 53% of the normally-healed amount. (Only 33% if they have equipped a Guard+ weapon)

This glitch does not affect healing from REGEN or potions.

Broken Guard Glitch[edit | edit source]

The Guard buff can be removed by certain friendly actions, and the damage-reflecting effect will also activate if a Guard+ weapon is equipped on the Guarded character. These friendly actions do not include healing spells or most buffs; however the following actions are causes of the glitch:

  1. Transfer MP
  2. Concentrate
  3. Reinforce
  4. Berserk
  5. Using a Carp Dime, Mega Shark, or Angel Fish
  6. Using a Mana Potion of any type
  7. Using a Cure Potion or Panacea
  8. Summoning an RS Bahumot

Note that Concentrate, Reinforce, and Berserk are caused by the guarded character themself, which will result in that character dealing the "reflected" damage to themselves if they have a Guard+ weapon equipped.

Double Defense Glitch[edit | edit source]

 In Mercenary Defense, two units may occupy the same space at once, when a unit is moved to a square in the back four rows where another unit can be built on that square before the other unit arrives. Both can attack at the same time, and one of them will be randomly selected when the square is selected.

Aesthetic Glitches[edit | edit source]

Invisible Earth Animation[edit | edit source]

When an enemy (not any character) activates any Earth-based attacks, there is a chance of the earth animation not appearing. Like any other aesthetic glitch, it does not affect the gameplay and the damage will still be normal.

Ghostly Death Glitch[edit | edit source]

Normally, an enemy (excluding DEMON (37) and Reuben (94)) will have an animation when it dies where it shakes, fades, and lines will cut up across it. Very rarely it will only fade when it dies, which gives it a "ghostly" effect...

Wrong Position Bug[edit | edit source]

When you are using four characters in battle and are against six enemies, D's position might be too far back after using a Shockwave that wins the battle.

Invisible Slash[edit | edit source]

During a Defense minigame, D's slashes at the enemies may be invisible if there are too many of them.

Infinite Scroll Bar[edit | edit source]

Between the arrows on the side of the buttons to scroll up and down (when selling or using consumables) are words that say "# of [max amount]". The max amount is the total number of pages in your inventory, and "#" represents the page you are currently on. If you go to the bottom most page and sell/use all items there, the button to scroll down will light up and you can now scroll down as much as you like (even though it's all blank...)!!! This is easiest done with the 181 button in the Bestiary.

Helper Wisp Bestiary Mislabel[edit | edit source]

In the Bestiary, the Helper Wisp (10) is mislabeled of having the Fire I skill twice.

Wind Samurai Bestiary Mislabel[edit | edit source]

In the Bestiary, the Wind Samurai (160) is mislabeled of having the Blink skill twice.

Adorable Snowman Bestiary Mislabel[edit | edit source]

In the Bestiary, the Adorable Snowman is mislabeled of having 71500 HP on Hard Mode, while its true health is 82500.

Sleeping Upgrade Button[edit | edit source]

In Mercenary Defense, when you do not have enough money to upgrade a unit, the button will remain gray. But if you do not switch the unit that you have selected, the button will remain gray and the unit unable to be upgraded even if you have enough gold to upgrade it. To fix this, simply switch the unit you have selected and the button will refresh.

Reset Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

After switching floors, the background music will reset.

Shop For Nothing[edit | edit source]

You are always allowed to buy x0 of an item for free, and when doing so, the bottom will display, "Bought ___ x 0"

Mental Pain[edit | edit source]

If the player heals from an attack from Koohii (from Full Armors combined with each other or combined with an elemental gem/charm), they will still cringe (shake) and wince (sound effects from all characters).

Infinite Walk Glitch[edit | edit source]

When D is adjacent to a wall or barrier, his legs will still show him to be walking, even if you are not controlling him. (Meaning he can't stand still when touching the wall.)

Empty Slash[edit | edit source]

After a consecutive attack is used (like Barrage or Cyclone Dance) and all enemies are dead, the character will slash at empty air exactly once when there are one or more attacks left of that skill/weapon ability.

Top Sell[edit | edit source]

Since identical items you own are not grouped together in the Equip section of Selling in a Shop, the top-most item of your identical items through the scroll bar will always be sold, regardless of whichever you click and sell. You must be cautious and slow when selling because this has a 100% chance of happening and you could accidentally sell all of any item you own when you don't want to.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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