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Lao Prison is a location in Crystal Story II. It is connected to Giant Land to the west, Sunken Ruins to the south, Fish to the east, and Doom Lair to the north. It has 2 floors.

Note: Just like Gorgons in the Tunnel, Medusae here have a tendency to assert their territory by drawing graffiti on the walls whenever they get the chance... Trace of their misdeeds has been captured in the photograph on the right. If you ever happen to catch them live, degrading the scenery, please call Mercenary Inc.'s Sanitary Department.

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North: Doom Lair
South: Sunken Ruins
East: Fish
West: Giant Land

Monsters[edit | edit source]


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Boss[edit | edit source]


Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

Floor 1

Floor 2

Deluxe Version Only

  • Card: Bunch
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