Koohii is a character in Crystal Story II, who was a recurring side quest boss in the original Crystal Story. In Crystal Story II, Koohii appears as the secret final boss in Doom Lair. However, unlike in the original Crystal Story, she does not appear in any cut-scenes in the original Crystal Story 2. Koohii still retains her minor-antagonist role in both games.

She is given a sidequest chain with cutscenes in the Sword of the Fallen Dragon expansion, reminiscent of the Crystal Story sidequest, where she was deceptively under-leveled. She also happens to know Lina back from their Thieve's Guild days, even going so far as to call her a traitor.


Koohii is a teenage or adult woman with blue eyes and blonde hair tied in two twintails with goggles on her forehead. She wears a light-blue jacket with a small bunny hanging down on the zipper which isn't present at her previous appearance. She wears dark blue gloves, boots, and shorts which were held together with a gold belt. She is also equiped with a backpack where she may have kept the objects she stole.




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  • For some reason she's taken one of Phoebe's hammers down to a Beach.
  • "Koohii" means coffee in Japanese.



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