Gargantuan (31)
HP: 220 / 2000(H)
ATK: 25 / 285(H)
MAG: 25 / 285(H)
SPD: 63 / 459(H)
Enemy Skill.png Impale
Enemy Skill.png Stampede
Fire: 75%
Water: 75%
Earth: 125%
Wind: 75%
Phys: 125%
Strong Vs
Resist Vs
60 / 300(H)
16 / 1025(H)

Not to be confused with Gargantuan (2)

Your first boss returns as an everyday enemy, with a few minor changes.

This Gargantuan has less health than the first boss, but its attack, magic and speed have all been increased to compensate.

Encountering the first boss as a standard fare enemy is also a good reminder that you're much more powerful than when you first encountered it.

Steals/Drops[edit | edit source]


Item Rarity Mode
Stat HP ? Both
Scrap Metal 100% Both
Gem T/Aq 100% Hard
Shell ? Both
Iron Shell ? Both
Horn ? Both
Shield I (rare) Normal


Item Rarity Mode
Heal Potion I ? Normal
Heal Potion III ? Hard
Stat HP ? Normal
Flask ? Hard
Grenade ? Normal
Scrap Metal ? Both
Gem T/Aq ? Hard
Shell ? Both
Iron Shell ? Both
Horn ? Both
Shield I ? Both
Full Armor I (rare) Hard

Locations[edit | edit source]

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

See also: Mercenary Defense Stats

  • For some reason, Gargantuan (2) takes 125% damage from Fire unlike this Gargantuan, which has developed other elemental strengths/weaknesses, and has a 75% resistance to Fire
    • This is possibly because the developers wanted to allow D's Fire Attack (only skill against Gargantuan (2)) to deal extra damage for the sake of less difficulty
      • However this may be untrue because Gargantuan (31) takes 125% from physical damage while Gargantuan (2) takes a normal 100%
    • Gargantuan (2) has more health than Gargantuan (31)
  • This monster yields the earliest farmable stat: Stat HP.
  • After battling an Earth Golem and a Gargantuan (Hard Mode), with four Dice equipped, a Fire Gem was dropped.
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