Frost Samurai (134)
Frost Samurai
HP: 1260 / 4620(H)
ATK: 245 / 877(H)
MAG: 229 / 819(H)
SPD: 286 / 1100(H)
Cleave.png Cleave
Enemy Skill.png Blink
Water.png Water I
Enemy Skill.png Frost Nova
Fire: 75%
Water: 75%
Earth: 125%
Wind: 125%
Phys: 100%
Strong Vs
Resist Vs
240 / 480(H)
840 / 1680(H)

 "I WANNA BE A NINJA! I WANNA BE A SAMURAI!" you scream. But no, you don't want to be a merciless monster in Crystal Story 2 with only one sprite.


(Percentages estimated after 100 Samurai on Normal Mode, and 100 on Hard Mode, without Dice ; real percentages may differ.)


Item Rarity Mode
Flask 100% Both
Scrap Metal 100% Both
Gem T/Aq 100% Both
Oil 25% Both
Broken Sword 30% Both
Start ATK 5% Both
Last ATK 5% Both


Item Rarity Mode
Heal Potion III 10% Normal
Heal Potion III 2% Hard
Heal Potion IV 2% Hard
Mana Potion II 2% Normal
Mana potion III 10% Hard
Cure Potion 4% Both
Flask 4% Both
Grenade (R/S) 15% Both
Rocket 1% Both
Scrap Metal 30% Both
Gem T/Aq 5% Both
Ruby ? ?
Sapphire <1% Hard
Oil 5% Both
Broken Sword 4% Both
Circlet I  1% Both
Earth Gem ? Hard
Full Armor I <1% Hard
Talisman I <1% Both
Start ATK 3% Both
Start Strength 1% Both
Last Strength 1% Both
Start Wisdom 1% Both
Last Wisdom 1% Both
Start Agility 1% Both
Last Agility 1% Both
Start All <1% Hard
Last All <1% Hard
SP Ring <1% Hard



  • Like all samurai, Frost Samurai in the field will notice you almost immediately: they can see you being further away than an horizontal 2/3 of the screen ; so if you enter vertically (upward or downward) a room with a Samurai in it, he will spot you no matter his position.
  • But then, they have a long movement delay before chasing you (about 3s), but have an extremely high chase speed : almost as fast as you with Sprint activated.
  • Samurai generally appear in group of one or two ; hardly ever will you meet three of them in one room.
  • (Drop rates of Ruby, Sapphire, Earth Gem, Full Armor, Talisman, Start All, Last All and SP Ring estimated inferior to 1%: probably require some Dice to drop.)
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