Froezen (131)
HP: 1110 / 4070(H)
ATK: 175 / 625(H)
MAG: 200 / 714(H)
SPD: 286 / 1100(H)
Water.png Water I
Water.png Blizzard I
Fire: 100%
Water: 50%
Earth: 50%
Wind: 150%
Phys: 100%
Strong Vs
Resist Vs
160 / 320(H)
800 / 1600(H)

We are running out of names for these birds, and Disney has an overpopular movie, so we have to go with the Anglicized version of Frözen.


(Percentages are based on recording the steals from 100 Froezen.)

(Despite their previous presence on the list, no Sapphires were encountered in a recent, larger sampling.)


Item Rarity Mode
Mana Potion II 100% Normal
Mana Potion III 100% Hard
Gem T/Aq 15% Both
Feather 30% Both
Trinket I 8% Both
Amulet I 4% Both


Item Rarity Mode
Heal Potion III ? Normal
Heal Potion IV ? Hard
Mana Potion II ? Normal
Mana Potion III ? Hard
Revive ? Both
Cure Potion ? Both
Flask ? Both
Grenade (R/S) ? Both
Rocket ? Both
Scrap metal ? Both
Gem T/Aq ? Both
Sapphire ? Hard
Feather ? Both
Trinket I ? Both
Amulet I ? Normal
Talisman I (rare) Both
SP Ring ? Hard
Last Strength ? Normal
Start Wisdom ? Both
Last Wisdom ? Hard
Start Agility ? Normal
Last Agility ? Hard
Start All (rare) Hard
Last All ? Hard
Circlet I ? Normal



  • After battling a Froezen and a Frost Chimera (Hard Mode), with four Dice equipped, a Dice was dropped.
  • After battling a Froezen and a Water Elemental (Normal Mode), with one Dice equipped, a Last Wisdom was dropped.
  • After battling another Froezen and a Water Elemental (Normal Mode), with one Dice equipped, a Full Armor was dropped. Neither are currently known to carry Full Armor in either mode.
  • After battling a Froezen and a Skywind (Normal Mode), with one Dice equipped, a Start Strength was dropped. It is highly likely that the Skywind, not the Froezen, dropped the Scrap Metal also obtained. A second occurrence could confirm the rare dropping of Start Strength.
  • After battling two Froezen, a Skywind , and a BAO (Normal Mode) with one Dice equipped, a Last Agility was dropped. Neither the Skywind nor the BAO are known to carry Last Agility, so it is highly unlikely that they had dropped it. (Man, this sure does keep breaking those "Hard-only" tags, doesn't it?)
  • After battling a Froezen and a BAO (Normal Mode), a Talisman 1 was dropped.
  • After battling a Froezen (Normal Mode) with 2 Dice equipped, a Rocket was dropped.
  • After battling 6 Froezens (Hard Mode) with 2 Dice equipped, a SP Ring was dropped.

Proof of SP ring

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