Sword I
Type: Balanced
Acquired: D's Starting Weapon

Evoblade is a type of weapon in Crystal Story II. It is a sword, and thus can only be used by D. Its stats are balanced, and it has no special ability.

NOTE: As well as the three other starting weapons plus the sword Thunderwing, this sword can only be acquired once (cannot be bought nor combined).


Weapon Tier ATK MAG SPD Additional Max Levels
I 20(+5) 20(+5) 20(+5) none 11
II 70(+5) 70(+5) 70(+5) none 11
III 120(+6) 120(+6) 120(+6) none 11
IV 180(+7) 180(+7) 180(+7) none 99
Maxed 866 866 866 none