Bengal Sauvage is a minor character in Crystal Story II. He is a slayer/hunter. Apparently he "Travels across the world to find a monster worthy of his might."  The player can ask him for advice on defeating certain Bosses, and he is at the Tavern of every town. It seems like he is following D around, but when D asks why, he claims D is following him.

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He gave some terrible advice about the Eartheater, thus proving that some of things he said are lies.
  • He talks about the princess very often. Even if the princess doesn't really like him.
    • He claims that they first met at Port Breeze where she was "instantly smitten by" him.
    • He also claims that during his teen years, he rescued the princess in the Light Tower after she was kidnapped by the Bird King.
  • According to the credits, Bengal is based off of Cristapher Martin, the NPC contest winner.

Expressions[edit | edit source]

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