Aerie is a minor character in Crystal Story II. She is a young girl who asked for help at Warm Yeti, telling the mercenaries there that her friend is in danger. However, the mercenaries were too scared of the monsters in Frost Fort and they claimed that they can't help her. Lina joked at Mari that Aerie sounds just like her, but Mari denied that. Lina felt something is odd about that girl, but she passed it off.

She mysteriously disappeared after the heroes cleared Frost Fort and rescued her friend, but interactions with Kaeli imply that she's actually a ghost and that her death happened before the events of Crystal Story II.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Aerie is simply referred as "Girl" in the story and the free version. Her real name is only revealed in the Card Battle Game.

Expressions[edit | edit source]

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